Day 2 of HoAI Secretariat Officials’ mission to South Sudan

HoAI Secretariat team today (Sept 13, 2022), continued with Day 2 of the onboarding mission in South Sudan. This morning, Trade and Industry Minister, Hon Kuol Athian Mawien, received the HoAI Secretariat led by Team Leader, Iradj Alikhani. In attendance were also the Director General of External Trade at the Ministry, Stephen M.G. Jorbek, and the Country’s HoAI Focal Point at the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Ms Aluel Beda. Exchanges included a discussion of the trade facilitation roadmap approved by other HoA Ministers and its relevance for South Sudan.



Later in the day, HoAI Secretariat team was received by Dr. Lado W. Kenyi, Under-Secretary, Telecommunications, and Postal Services, at the Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Postal Services (MoICT&PS). Discussions delved into the mandate of HoAI and integrating South Sudan into the Initiative and follow-up to the recent workshop in Addis Ababa organized by the World Bank.



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