HoAI Secretariat Officials’ Mission in South Sudan

HoAI Secretariat officials led by Team Leader, Iradj Alikhani, (second from right) held a meeting with South Sudan’s acting Under-Secretary for Transport, Anna Gista Duku. The delegation is on a mission in Juba to consult key government stakeholders, on how to mainstream Republic of South Sudan into the HoAI working agenda.

In yet another meeting,HoAI Secretariat officials, met with the Commissioner General of Customs and Senior officials to apprise the Customs Department  on the  mandate and seek to establish formal contacts and working relationships, to cause effective integration of the country into the HoAI agenda.


HoAI Secretariat Officials held a series of meetings in Juba, Republic of South Sudan to present the mandate of the Initiative and discuss modalities of the country’s inclusion in the HoAI agenda. Earlier in the day, the HoAI Secretariat met with South Sudan’s Minister for Finance and Planning, Hon Dr Tong Ngor (centre), the Deputy Minister, Hon Agok Makur Kur and the Under Secretary for Planning in the Ministry, Hon Angelo Deng Renan, as well as other key officials.


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