Priority Projects

Agreed packages of priority proposals

Priority Proposals


Estimated Project Cost

Pillar 1: Regional Infrastructure Networks


Economic Corridors


1.  Four priority corridors covering 6,000km of upgrade.

a.   Kismayo, Lamu and Mogadishu Corridor
b.  Assab and Djibouti Corridor
c.   Berbera and Djibouti Corridor
d.  Mogadishu, Berbera and Bossasso Corridor


Regional Energy Trade


2.   Power integration connectivity program

a.   Ethiopia-Djibouti 2nd line
b.  Somalia Transmission Backbone
c.   Feasibility Studies for:

- Ethiopia – Somalia Interconnection
- Ethiopia – Eritrea Interconnection
- Kenya – Somalia Interconnection
- Djibouti – Somalia Interconnection
- 2nd line for Kenya – Ethiopia Interconnection


3.   Enabling Power Trade (East Africa Power Pool, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya)


4.   Other Energy Supports: Regional Oil Jetty - Damerjog New Oil Jetty (Potential PPP Project)


Single Digital Market

$1.7bn (plus private financing)

1.     Priority Regional Infrastructure

a.  Submarine festoon cable along the coast
b.  Terrestrial links and backbone connections


2.     Single Regional Data Market

a.     Data Infrastructure
b.     Cyber security
c.     Regulatory Harmonization


3.     Single Data Service Market

a.     E-government
b.     Cross-border digital payment facilitation


Pillar 2: Trade and Economic Integration


1.  Regional Trade Facilitation

a.    TA (e.g. corridor approach, tackle NTBs, harmonization of products standards)
b.    13 one-stop border posts
c.    Dry ports


2.  Regional Value Chain Development

$0.03bn + Private Sector Investments

3.  Investment Climate


Pillar 3: Building Resilience


1.  Pastoralist Livestock Insurance

$0.4bn (of concessional, to leverage $1.6bn from private sector)

2.  Strengthening the resilience of pastoral production system to climate change


Pillar 4: Strengthening Human Capital


1.   Strengthening Human Capital Delivery Systems and Networks


2.   Building Skills for Future Employment and empowering women and youth


3.   Strengthening Identification for Development (ID4D)